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Margita T.

Allya has been an invaluable ally as I shift to a healthier lifestyle and work toward making positive changes that will last a lifetime. She is patient, flexible, and realistic - and pushy when she needs to be:) This is not a process that is a quick fix, Allya helps navigate YOUR world to find tools that blend your unique circumstances with the proactive thinking and action healthy living entails.

Jessica F.

NEVER DIET AGAIN!  Who knew being healthy and happy could be so easy?  Allya showed me just how simple it could be. I never had the time or desire to cook.  I find myself cooking all the time and enjoying eating well.Allya is not only a great coach but a great person that gets to the root of what is really going on.  And has the best advice and recipes!  She is very encouraging and helps keep you feeling positive after every session.


Koko K.

I was very skeptical going in to visit a nutritionist, but I lucked out when I found Allya. I've always been the type to be very stubborn, one who was "losing himself" and just eating fried foods, and showering down soft drinks. I thought there was no way she could help me out.

After sitting down with her, I found that she was very nice and that she genuinely seemed to care about my well-being. Regardless, I thought that she wouldn't be able to help me out. After being convinced by my family to do so, I saw changes. She set up the program at a very slow, but steady pace, just the way i wanted it. She knew it was impossible for me to just flick the switch and change all my eating habits.

Over time, through small little changes, I noticed HUGE changes. I was starting to eat fruits/vegetables on a daily basis, cut down the soft drinks in total, and limited/got rid of the fried foods I ate. She truly helped me alter my eating/drinking habits. 

She also put great emphasize on exercise and got me into the rhythm of exercising and moving around. I have nothing but nice things to say about Allya. She was very honest and genuine with me, which goes along way. She was very direct and forward but also very kind. She gave me true motivation and I'm forever grateful for having the chance to meet with her. She was also a great friend, as she was always opening herself to text her or email her if I had any questions over the course of the week. She's definitely worth every penny!!

Thaninee A.

The most amazing thing I have done for myself while going through a rough time about a year ago! This is a life changing experience for me. I'm glad I did it. Allya is sweet, warm and kind. She is an amazing listener and she always hears me out. She didn't only coach me on how to eat well and eat right but she also coached and supported me on life and spiritual journey. To me she is more than just a coach, I think of her as my sister :)  PS. I now cook more often than I would have before and they're all healthy and delicious meals! THANK YOU so much for everything!! :)

Sonia V.

This is the GREATEST find EVER ! 

I've been following her every word.  I never thought  being healthy would be so simple and yet so delicious at the same time.  

I had average habits but now, I have great habits, easy to follow.  I followed everything she said and now, I feel AMAZING.   SO MUCH ENERGY !

Simple recipes, easy to make, easy to follow and YUMMY !

And, she practices what she preaches.  She has brought me samples of what she makes in her own home for her own family.  Creative and most importantly, EASY !!! 

She leads by example and guides me to purchase the right appliances.  I had 4 different products (which is why I found everything to be such a lengthy process) and she introduced me to 1 single product that did the work of all 4.  

I was introduced by a friend and will now be introducing all my friends and my family !!!!  GOOD HEALTH - Pay it Forward and Pass on Organic Life Wellness !!!

Lisa T.

Worth every penny! Allya helped me stay healthy throughout my pregnancy and beyond. I couldn't be happier.  She really knows what she is doing and is a living example that her stuff really works.  I felt great and energized even when I was nine months pregnant...which of is hard to do :)

Rebecca L.

Eating healthy and exercising is all we have to do to get the bodies we want, right? Well, I also need the motivation and coaching to get on that track...sometimes I don't know where to begin. That's where Allya comes in to save the day.I don't want shortcuts or an easy way out. I want lifestyle modifications that can be incorporated into my busy schedule and still get results. I'm also not into drill sergeants or personal trainer types. I like Allya's encouraging style. It makes me feel like I'm part of a team. I'm so glad I found her! Hooray :)

Yury O.

This chick knows her stuff!  Really down to earth, yet on top of her game. Solid, easy to follow advice, and no time wasted.  She has helped me tweak my exercise routines and completely re-assess my dietary approach. 
Her nutrition advice is spot on -- she takes a broad view covering not only what to eat or not to eat, but everything from food prep tricks, to combining certain foods for bigger impact, boosts & supplements, pre- and post-workout intake, etc.  She kinda combines the best of various dietary approaches and then custom tailors it to your needs, goals and desires.  I thought I knew a lot about nutrition and exercise going into this, but boy, she will open your eyes to so much new stuff!  
She is always easy to reach by phone or e-mail for questions between sessions, and it really feels like she is personally committed and invested in your success.  Everything she suggests and how she lays it out is easy to follow and sustain on your own.  Thanks to Allya, I feel like my time at the gym is now 2x or 3x more productive, and the results are obvious!  I referred a few of my friends and workout buddies to her and heard only positive feedback.  Highly recommended.

Shana Y.

Allya is a caring and knowledgable health and nutrition coach. She knows how to produce results and help you meet your goals. From the first time I met her, I trusted her generous spirit and energy.

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