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Eating well isn't enough..

We all know that a nutritious diet full of vitamins is super important. But you know what? It's not enough. We need to be active and get some movement in our lives! Exercise is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle.

And...I'm a mom. A working mom. With hobbies. And friends.

So when do I have time to work out? And what do I do with my kid while I work out? Easy. I grab my mini, a yoga mat and our stroller and find a Baby Bootcamp class!

What is Baby Bootcamp you ask?

I recently sat down with Jessica Cohen the owner of Baby Bootcamp Sherman Oaks to give you any info you need to make it happen...and a discount!

What is Baby Bootcamp?

Baby Boot Camp is a fitness program for moms where they can bring their kiddos along. Our program offers a unique fitness program for mom and baby. Our classes combine strength training with cardiovascular intervals. We emphasize core strength and stability and Personalized fitness throughout our classes. Baby Boot Camp is a rapidly growing national exercise phenomenon that is offered across the United States.

What makes it spcial/different?

There are two key things that make our program unique. First, all Baby Boot Camp Instructors are nationally certified fitness instructors, which means they are fitness experts. Additionally, instructors are certified to teach pre and post natal mamas. Pregnancy changes a woman’s body and our instructors know how to implement modifications to prevent injury and help mamas meet their fitness goals. Unique exercises condition the muscles that moms use and abuse most during and after pregnancy. Many moms tell us that after a few months with Baby Boot Camp they are in better shape than they were before they became pregnant. Second, as a Baby Boot Camp mama you not only get a great workout from a certified fitness instructor, you get a community of moms who cheer you on to hold your plank a little longer, who commiserate with you about sleepless nights, and who become your best friends. Baby Boot Camp is a great way to enjoy spending time with your friends and make new ones for you and your children. You will discover family-friendly resources and support from other parents just like you. Play dates, mom’s night out and other family activities are offered through StrollerFriends, Baby Boot Camp’s social program.

Why did you open Baby Bootcamp - Sherman Oaks?

I wanted to bring Baby Boot Camp to the Sherman Oaks, Studio City, and Encino communities because our program allows me to combine all my passions: spending time with my daughter, fitness, and helping mamas. I get to be a good role model for my daughter, get some exercise in for myself, and feel good that my career is to help other mamas get fit and bond with their children too.

What are the biggest rewards and challenges of owning Baby Bootcamp?

The biggest reward in creating Baby Boot Camp is empowering moms to carve out some time for themselves. Moms tend to put themselves last. But it’s very important for moms to keep themselves healthy. A healthy mom is better equipped to take care of her family. With Baby Boot Camp moms can be sure to take care of themselves, by getting fit and being social, all while including their kiddos into their fitness routine--it’s a win-win.

I hope you will take the time to check out these awesome classes! Here are the different ways you can connect with Jessica and Baby Bootcamp:


Instagram babybootcampshermanoaks

Twitter babybootcampso

Pinterest Babybootcampso

Meet Up Baby Boot Camp Sherman Oaks

AND just for my Organic Life Wellness Mamas...

Discount Code organicbaby10

The discount will entitle moms to $10 off their enrollment fee.

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