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Homemade Baby Food

Let's be food jars suck. I have a rule. If I won't eat it..I'm not feeding it to my kiddo. Now we live in a wonderful time. There are organic, non-GMO packets of baby food that actually taste good. I prefer Plum Organics, I think they are the tastiest and while it's super convenient and pretty inexpensive for what you are getting, it's still packaged food.

Making your own baby food is so simple, it's silly not to. Simply peel, dice, steam, purée. I have these smallish ice cube trays and fill them up, stick them in the freezer, and wam-bam thank you ma'am! Once frozen, I pop them into freezer bags (labeled with the contents and date made, of course).

I recommend checking out for information, techniques, and recipes.

The reason I make smallish cubes is so I can mix them together to make different flavored meals for the tot. Why make a dozen apple-carrot when you can make a bunch of different foods and mix and match as you go? Exactly!

The possibilities are endless!

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