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Chia Seeds!

We love questions from fans! Keep 'me coming!

Reader Anna writes: "So I bought Chia Seeds and wanted to know the different ways of using them."

Well, Chia seeds are so easy to use! They don't have a strong flavor so you can add them to just about anything. Chia seeds naturally thicken when added to a liquid. They have a bit of a tapioca texture. When adding chia seeds to smoothies and juices, make them a little runnier to make up for the thickening.

Here are my 10 favorite ways to use them:

1. Add them to your favorite smoothie.

2. Add them to your fresh pressed juice.

3. Top off your yogurt.

4. Make Chia pudding

5. Add to soup to thicken it.

6. Mix in your blender and add to your flour to make cookies, cakes, pancakes, etc.

7. Add to salad dressings.

8. Mix chia seeds in blender to make a flour and add to ground beef, chicken, turkey, etc.

9. Add to your favorite nut butter.

10. Mix into oatmeal.

Remember to be adventurous. Try new things. Live out loud. Be grateful. Smile. LOVE YOUR LIFE.

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